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About the title shot :
In the autumn of 2009, I found Little Bugsie, of all places, on a toilet sink in the Days Landscape Hotel located at the foot of Changbaishan, Jilin, China. I invited Bugsie into the room. I gave it the 'red carpet' welcome and took the shot above with a Panasonic DMC-LX3.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Moods and Expression

Photographing people is difficult.  The following are some of my attempts.

This shot would be good for a literacy promotion compaign.  Shot in Myanmar.
Fire-eating Miao woman.  Shot in Hunan, China
An Andy Lau-lookalike; a perfect shot for cigarette advertisement.  Shot in Xinjiang.

Ah Ma looking forward to another day.  Shot in Fujian.

Cigar chomping Ah Ma deep in thought.  Shot in Myanmar.

Wide-eyed innocence.  Shot in Sapa, Vietnam.

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